We specialize in Government Tender’s.  Let us know your exact requirement however specialized it may be and we would be able to provide the most competitive prices in whole of India.

We deal in the following products

 Vernier Calipers   Gear Tooth Vernier Calipers  Vernier Depth Gauge
 Digital Vernier Calipers  Dial Calipers  Vernier Height Gauge
 Screw Thread Micrometer  Radius Micrometer  Digital Micrometer
 Vernier Outside Micrometer  Carbide Wear Block 1mm  Micrometer
 Morse Taper Ring Gauge MT1 to MT5 (Set of 5pcs)  Measuring Pin Gauge Set (accuracy +-0.002mm)  Carbide Wear Block 2mm
 Micrometer Depth Gauge  Measuring Pin Gauge Set (Loose Pins)  Measuring Pin Gauge Set (0.20mm to 20mm)
 Span Micrometer  Holtest Micrometer  Spirit Level
 Dial Indicator Plunger Type  Dial Indicator Lever Type  Three Point Micrometer
 Mitutoyo Adjustable Outside Micrometer  Mitutoyo Electronic Micrometer  Digital Three Point Micrometer
 Mitutoyo Tube Micrometer  Mitutoyo Gear Tooth Micrometer  Mitutoyo Digit Outside Micrometer
 Mitutoyo V. Anvil Micrometer  Mitutoyo Point Micrometer  Mitutoyo Spline Micrometer
 Mitutoyo Blade Micrometer  Mitutoyo Indicating Micrometer  Mitutoyo Quick-mini
 Mitutoyo Inside Micrometer Jaw Type  Mitutoyo Internal Tripoint Micrometer  Mitutoyo Micrometer Stand
 Mitutoyo Bore Gauge  Mitutoyo Inside Micrometer Rod Type  Mitutoyo Inside Micrometer Extension Pipe Type
 Mitutoyo Bore Gauge Shallow hole  type  Mitutoyo Digimatic Caliper  Mitutoyo Digimatic Caliper Carbide Type
 Mitutoyo Depth Micrometer  Mitutoyo Digimatic Height Gauge  Double Column  Mitutoyo Digimatic Height Gauge  Single Column
 Mitutoyo Vernier Depth Gauge  Mitutoyo Electronic Depth Gauge  Mitutoyo Dial Depth Gauge
 Mitutoyo Thickness Gauge  Mitutoyo Precision Square  Mitutoyo Slip Gauge Set
 Mitutoyo Radius Gauge  Mitutoyo Screw Pitch Gauge  Mitutoyo Digital Bevel Protractor
 Mitutoyo Precision Levels  Mitutoyo Digital Bevel Protractor  Mitutoyo Screw Pitch Gauge
 Mitutoyo Dial Indicator  Mitutoyo Dial Test Indicator  Mitutoyo Magnetic Stands
 Ring Gauge Set (Go and Not Go) Range 5 to 25mm (Step of 2.5mm) Set of 18pcs  Snap Gauge 25-50 step of 5mm (6pcs set)  Morse Taper Plug Gauge MT1 to  MT5 (Set of 5 pcs)
 Single Ended Plain Plug Gauge 12 to 50mm by 1mm (Set of 39pcs)  Limit Plug Gauge, Range 5 to 25mm by 2.5mm (Go and Not Go) Set of 9pcs  Plain Ring Gauge Range 12 to 50mm (setting Ring) Set of 39pcs
 Single Ended Plain Plug Gauge 5 to 55mm by 1mm (Set of 51pcs)  Single Ended Plain Plug Gauge 5 to 55mm by 5mm (Set of 11pcs)  Electro Discharge Machine
 Floating Carriage Micrometer  Drill Tool Dynamometer  Lathe Tool Dynamometer
 Dial Gauge Calibration  Angle Gauge Set  Angle Plate
 Universal Bevel Protractor  Tally Surf  Surface Roughness Tester
 Combination Set  Magnetic Stand  Comparator Stand
 Comparator Stand  Master Cylinder  Universal Measuring Block
 Machine Tool Test Mandrels  Fit Box  Setting Master Set
 Precision Angle Dekkor  Machine Tool Test Kit  Machine Tool Test Mandrels Fit Box
 Auto Collimator Plain Reflecting Mirror  Auto Collimator Prism Aperture  Auto Collimator Prism Aperture
 Profile Projector  Tools Makers Microscope  Auto Collimator
 Optical Flat Dia 100  Monochromatic Light  Specimen Set
 Optical Flat Dia 25  Optical Flat Dia 50  Optical Flat Dia 75
 Mechanical Comparator  Pneumatic Comparator  Electronic Comparator
 Plain V-Block  Plain V-Block  Gear Rolling Tester
 Straight Edge  Spirit Level  Magnetic V-Block
 Thread Measuring Wire Set  Three Wire Unit  Surface Plate
 Universal Gauge  Radius Gauge  Filler Gauge
 Demonstration Gauge Kit  Universal Gauge  Demonstration Gauge Kit
 Master Ring Gauge  Feeler Gauge Set Length  Screw Pitch Gauge
 Snap Gauge Set  Taper Gauge  Telescopic Gauge
 Ring Gauges  Plain Plug Gauges (Go & No Go)  Thread Plug Gauges
 Slip Gauge Set  Slip Gauge Accessories Set  Thread Ring Gauges
 Sine Bar  Sine Center  Bench Center
 Dial Thickness Gauge  Dial Bore Gauge  Dial Gauge Stand