Straight Edge


  • Castings are stress relieved either by natural aging or by artificial seasoning
  • Hardness 170-220 BHN
  • Hand scrapped for surface finish of Grade-1 accuracy.
  • Wooden covers are provided with each straight edge to protect working surfaces.
  • Safe storage wooden box can also be provided on request at extra cost.
  • Actual dimensions of Straight Edges may be more or less than those mentioned in the table below therefore the sizes and dimensions of straight edges of the same length may vary.
  • Only match pair Straight edges will have the same dimensions (i.e. overall depth). The flatness and parallelism will be within specified limits of the standard and those can be used as Matched pairs.
  • I- Section  Straight  Edges are supplied with computerized calibration certificate traceable to National Physical   Laboratory   (NPL, Govt Of India ) New Delhi.


  1. Cast Iron Straight Edge
  2. Engineer’s Steel Straight Edge
  3. Prismatic (Triangular) Straight Edge
  4. Tool Maker Knife Edge
  5. Light Weight Aluminum Straight Edge
  6. Granite Straight Edge

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