ADIS Mould Hardness Tester


  • Manufactured in accordance of AFS Specifications, our Mould Hardness Tester is used to determine surface hardness of Green Sand Mould.
  • The Hardness test can be performed within seconds; user simply presses the tester against mold  surface and notes reading on the dial.
  • An 1/2 Inch ( 12.7mm) radius ball contact type is loaded with the spring pressure of 980 gms. The softer the mold surface, the greater the penetration in the mold.
  • A mold offering no resistance to the contact point would have zero reading and one having hardness capable of preventing the penetration would read 100
  • A maximum reading stop hold the reading when testing in blond portions of the mold


  • Height : Approx: 4″ (108mm)
  • Width: Approx: 2″( 57mm)
  • Net Weight: 205 gms.

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ADIS Mould Hardness Tester


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